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Oh, I finally got around to trying Zombies, Run! I ended up just pacing my hallway after all and while it isn't really conductive to running, I've gotten some good, brisk walking in. It's also given me some insight into just how many steps I take in a day. I'm not sure what exactly I expected a twenty-minute walk to total but it wasn't what I got. The only big issue I'm having so far is that I don't have a playlist hooked up yet, so most of it is just silence. I'm thinking of putting together a bunch of horror themes or something but Idk. I've been really enjoying the story portions so far and I just want to make sure I get the right music to contribute to the atmosphere, y'know?

I've been trying to be more active in general, especially after meals, because I genuinely do feel better that way overall. I just lost the habit a long time ago to be up and about at all unless I had to be. Most of my time working for Walmart, I walked to work; first an hour's walk, then about three hours' after we moved. And I hurt all the time. Even after I started taking the bus, I constantly felt exhausted. The bottoms of my feet felt perpetually bruised, my lower back was constantly shrieking for my blood and nothing I did provided relief for long, even on days off. Laying in bed every chance I got became a habit, one that I still haven't broken in the past few years I've had an office job. Maybe it's the running errands between buildings tricking me into thinking I need to get off my feet as soon as I have the chance, though I actually enjoyed the short walks back and forth before things got more hectic. Idk. I feel like I've already gotten something out of it-- I've started sleeping a little better, for one-- and I'm looking forward to more benefits.

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First day back to work went mostly okay. There were a few issues. Like no fewer than three of my simpler tasks having been apparently ignored for most or all of last week, which caused them to pile up in a way that made a couple of them far less simple. Suffice to say, people were glad I was back. I am not among those people but such is life, lol.

One good thing that did come of the day-- I got a raise! I kinda wonder if I don't deserve a bigger one, considering how much stress my absence apparently caused, but this'll do me alright for now. We'll be seeing the difference on the next paycheck, which is this week, so I'm pretty stoked :D

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Well, it's back to work tomorrow and I don't feel anymore ready for it than I did on Friday. It not even that the days have passed too quickly-- because, funny enough, they haven't. I felt each day as it came and went, never once had the impression that I'd blinked and missed something. There just haven't been enough days for my liking. Though I suppose there never are, haha.

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My little nephew did his first sparklers today, though he seemed more interested in playing with the burned out sticks afterward. Probably because he wasn't as restricted in how he could hold them. I wonder if he would've been more into it if it'd been dark at the time. My sister and her boyfriend wanted to take him to some fireworks display, though, so they couldn't wait until that late to come over.

There have been a lot of fireworks going on in and around our complex since last night, some of them pretty loud. The kitty was spooked by them at first but seems to be confident now that they're not going to hurt her and has barely looked up for even the biggest booms. I'm glad we managed to get her inside before the fireworks started in earnest. I get the feeling she wouldn't be nearly so calm outside and, frankly, there are some kids around here that I don't really trust.

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I went out to see if that stray tabby had come back-- and she had! What's more, she was on my side of the fence again. She didn't approach right away but allowed me to approach her when I showed her that I had brought food. Once I actually offered it to her, though, she spent more time rubbing against me and asking for pettings than she did eating it. After we'd shared some love for a few minutes, I decided to try picking her up again.

She let me get my hand under her belly just fine but got a little nervous when I lifted her. I held still for a bit to pet and sooth her, grabbed the still mostly full can of food and headed in. She was fine until the last moment before we got to the door but Idk how much of her renewed nervousness was due to the road sounds being amplified by our breezeway. In any case, it didn't take more than a few minutes-- and a handful of treats-- to get her comfortable inside. She even got cozy on the couch, curling up for a nap.

When I was pretty sure she would be okay by herself, I went back to my room. I had some things to do on my laptop and didn't want to drag it out to the living room. I also hoped that she might come back and find me; her previous explorations had stopped a couple feet into the hallway. My guess is that she can still smell the other cats, though maybe she just didn't want to wander that far into a strange place. Anyway, I went out to check on her a couple of times and she was still where I left her.

Then my mom-- who I'd neglected to inform about our guest, oops-- got home and, well. Our guess is that the kitty got spooked and ran out the front door. I say guess because my mom says she never even noticed her. She's definitely not still on the couch, though, and we can't find her anywhere else. I didn't see her when I went outside either but there are a lot more places that I wouldn't know to look. She'd seemed to be making herself right at home inside, so I hate to think that she was actually so distressed as to just disappear... Granted, it could just be that she preferred to go back out rather than that she truly hated being in. I hope this experience won't keep her from interacting and eventually coming inside again.

ETA: Well, joke was on me-- she was hiding under the couch! And now she's curled up and purring on my pillow ♥♥♥

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It's the official last day of my vacation and, guys, I am not ready. I'm trying to buoy myself with the knowledge that I've still got three days off before I've got to go back and it is helping but it's not enough. These last couple days in particular felt like they went by so fast. I keep thinking of all the things I didn't get done. And, yeah, I know, it's a vacation. Still, I had such grand ideas of what I was going to accomplish once I had the time. Ah, well. I did get things done, I did get things started and I did enjoy the chance to relax-- and, hey, there are still those three days!

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Guys, guys, guys!

There are two hours left in the Unofficial 1989 Transformer Box Art Championship. If you've got a Twitter account, a moment to spare and good taste, please go show your support for my guy, Whisper!!

ETA: Yeah, I didn't think that would work ToT

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As much as I enjoyed my nap yesterday, it threw my sleep schedule completely out of whack and I ended up not falling asleep again until about five in the morning. Oof! And then I managed to completely forget about calling the dentist. Double oof. I've at least looked into, y'know, where to call since then. My original plan was to find a place close to home but that was when I still harbored some hope of booking something for this week. Now I'm thinking of trying to get an early morning appointment sometime soon at the office near my work, so I can just head over when I'm finished.

Today was another low-productivity day. My sister did come over but my nephew was all hyped up on his own youth and wouldn't go down for a nap, so no closet work got done. I did manage to go through a bin of magazines to prepare for Goodwill. I was so pleased to hit the bottom of it, marveling that it was so much less work than I'd anticipated, as there were so many fewer than I remembered. Then I realized that the bin under it was also full of magazines. I haven't finished going through all those yet but my mom will be available to help me with that tomorrow. Then I'll get them all sorted and we'll haul them off. Some of what I've already gone through have turned out to be too damaged to donate, so those will go to my mom's school-- and possibly to my older niblings-- for collage purposes.

It's weird to think my week of freedom is almost over. I won't be going back until Tuesday-- we've got Monday off because of the Fourth being on Sunday-- but I'm already feeling kinda down. It doesn't help that I didn't accomplish nearly what I'd hoped to.

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Meme from regisjr: Post a picture from a cartoon you love that came out the year you were born. I'm cheating and posting videos of the intros instead because that's the kind of thing that I'm about:

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