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I'm pretty satisfied with my latest attempt at the pushups program so far. That weird twinge in my right arm has yet to show itself this go around and I like how much more of my body I can feel working now that I'm on my toes again.

The only problem is breathing, of all things. My sinuses have been a little dodgy for the last couple weeks in a way that isn't really noticeable most of the time but is very noticeable when I'm doing something strenuous. Y'know, like pushups. I'm having to do a lot of inhaling through my mouth even a short way into the sets, which is less than stellar. It should just be a matter of taking something to clear the blockage, so I'm not too worried. If only I could stop forgetting to do so, haha.

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Man, I didn't realize how much this week had been dragging until a moment ago when I thought, at least it's the weekend, then remembered it's only Thursday. It's always disappointing but the profound despair I experienced was a step beyond the usual, lol.

I actually misremembered that my second shot was scheduled for tomorrow-- it's next week-- and have been even more anticipating this weekend since I realized on Tuesday that it would be mine to enjoy and next weekend would likely suck. I've got some plans I'm looking forward to, minor though they are, and I'm thinking work tomorrow is going to feel like the whole week all over again. Not least because we were entirely caught up with our workload just in time to get slammed again.

Just gotta keep my eye on the weekend! Gonna finally catch up on my comics, make a big batch of homemade freezer burritos-- mayyybe with homemade tortillas-- and help my little nephew do some kind of Mother's Day craft for my sister. As long as I get those things and my weekend chores done, I will be satisfied :D

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Well, my red yarn arrive and it, uh. It is not as red as it looked in the product photo, lol. I'm not sure yet whether I'll have to try something else-- gonna swatch it and see if looks better beside the white-- buuut it's a distinct possibility.

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I always mean to do something for Star Wars Day and I always forget. Granted, my mind has been elsewhere since yesterday. Granted, also, the last movie and especially the toxic hoards of the fandom doused the fire I had stoked up for the franchise. But it woulda been nice to focus on a silly little fandom "holiday" thing, especially in a way that kinda took back the space I gave up to jerks. Ah, well. There's always something else, I suppose.

ETA: I just found out about the nebula named after Baby Yoda*. Obviously this has nothing to do with me but for the first time today, with only minutes to spare, I really feel the spirit of the holiday.

* Yes, I know he has a real name now. Don't care, won't care.

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Just found out my brother has COVID. And possibly also strep throat because why not? He and his wife and kids will all be quarantining for at least ten days and his officemate is going to be advised to go get tested just in case. Aaand work quietly halted COVID pay in December, so this will all be coming out of PTO.

Brother was in a good enough humor still to comment, "Mondays, amirite?"

Overall, though, he's pretty anxious. I'm thinking I might order a gift basket or something to send over, try to brighten the mood at their place.

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I got all excited because I had five alerts for comments on some fics on FFN, including some that I'm personally very fond of but I never got much feedback on. They were all Transformers fics, which gave me fuzzies because I figured someone had so liked the first fic of mine they read that they checked my profile for more. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that all the comments were the same spam advertisement >P Does that kind of thing even work? I wasn't inclined to check the website they were hawking from the first comment and I sure wasn't ever going to give them my time after the fifth.

One of the things I was looking forward to doing this weekend was trying a few simple dessert recipes. One of those was for fudge. I made a little bit of a mess in the process but was overall pleased by the time I poured it into my molds. Expect then it didn't set orz It's a long way from liquid but well within the realm of goop. I'll probably dig out a jar and keep it as a sundae sauce, so it wasn't a total loss, but I was so excited to bring fudge squares for my work pals tomorrow and that obviously isn't happening.

Ah, well. It's honestly a little refreshing to have minor problems, heh.

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I finally went ahead and got a new phone. Nothing too fancy but at least it works! I'm not really clicking with it yet but I think that's mostly to do with the learning curve and my bitterness over having to get something bigger than what I had. I just have a very strong preference for smaller phones. That said, even the one I just moved on from was too big for my taste when I got it and I've been fine with the handfeel for years now, so I probably just need to get used to this one.

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The loss still hurts but I'm feeling better. It helped a lot of have my sister and little nephew with me the day of. My sister knew what to say, when not to say anything and just generally provided so much love and support. My nephew is too young to understand what was happening but he did understand I was upset, so I got lots of big hugs and pats. His energy can be exhausting but in this case, it was a nice reminder that life goes on and happiness doesn't die.

Finishing the blanket honestly brought me a lot of peace too. I did decide to offer it to my niece; my brother is going to let me know tomorrow what she thinks. I worried briefly that I might experience a sense of possessiveness after making the offer but I feel good about her having it. She's more of a decorator and colder natured than I am and so I think she'll be able to better utilize it, which I think is best. She also didn't get as much chance to see Birdie as she wanted and so took the loss even harder than she otherwise would have; I think it'll help to have something connected to her.

I can't stop thinking about how old Surrey is now, especially since I realized earlier that I've been thinking about her as twelve for at least two years. I'd have to doublecheck when I got her, but I know I was still in high school-- fourteen years ago at the least-- and we estimated at the time that she was almost a year old. She seems to be in good health but so did Birdie and Gremlin, before they didn't. I'm trying not to dwell on it and instead focus on making the most of whatever time I have left with her but it's hard not to worry.

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One of the minor reasons I was slow to progress on that baby blanket I've been crocheting is that Birdie liked to lay on it or burrow under it while I was working. I was even considering putting it in her basket when I was done, since she liked it so much. I was thinking about that last night and I ended up finishing it before I went to bed. It felt like a simple way to honor her. I guess that's kinda silly, since she'll never get to lay on or burrow under the finished product. But there's a little bit of her in the blanket and so it feels a little better to have it complete.

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