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August 18th, 2019

02:27 pm
Quiero escribir un fic en español. Unas lecciones en Duolingo son sugerencias buenas, ¡jaja! Pero no sabo suficiente vocabulario :/ Y todavía tengo problemas con gramática...

(Quisiera crítica de esta entrada, por favor, si hablas español)

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August 1st, 2019

10:28 pm
And now yet another month has begun. The audacity of the progression of time, I'm telling you.

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July 31st, 2019

10:04 pm
I can hardly believe another month has come to an end. Where has the year gone?

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July 1st, 2019

10:55 pm
To the surprise of absolutely no one, I forgot about my bingo cards again XD

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June 30th, 2019

11:47 pm
I, like. Can't find where I saved my bingo card...? And I somehow didn't paste it into my post at the beginning of the month??

Uhhh, might end up having to either take a picture of the hard copy approximation I scribbled down or shop a new image based on that scribble, lol. Either way, too tired to deal with this right now! More tomorrow, I guess.

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June 10th, 2019

11:21 pm
I've been trying to get back into drawing and I've been starting with just some doodles and, man, it's like I don't even know what perspective is anymore.

Though I am pleased to say that I can still do simple, cartoonish otters on the fly, lol. So, hey, that paid off.

Anywho, be prepared sometime in the next few days for me to share some truly uninspiring little sketches. Why not just wait until I have something I'm proud of? Two reasons! First, I want to share my progress. Second, I'm still trying, this late in my life, to convince myself that I don't need to be good at something immediately-- or even at all-- to enjoy or pursue it as a hobby.

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June 1st, 2019

10:52 pm
Well, forgot about redoing my bingo post from yesterday but at least I remembered just in time to post the one for today!

[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, unmarked]

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May 31st, 2019

10:32 pm
The internet ate my post so I guess I'll just try again in the morning :,D

Here it is!

[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, a few squares marked. The far left column is full]

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May 25th, 2019

09:11 pm
One thing that's interesting about listening to Gunsmoke is that the program occasionally reused old scripts with new guest actors. Even more interesting, sometimes those old scripts have been rewritten-- sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. The more of these I come across, the more convinced I am that early recurring characters Shiloh and Big Kate were effectively replaced by Doc Adams and Miss Kitty, respectively. What's neat about this is that the characters are pretty different!

Shiloh was a citizen of Dodge, a rowdy fellow who was often belligerent and occasionally stirred trouble but was also occasionally an ally. Doc started off as a rather ghoulish figure, always pleased by a murder because it meant he could collect an autopsy fee. He and our main character, Marshal Matt Dillon, have a fairly strained professional relationship, with Matt being disgusted by this attitude to death and Doc not seeming to notice or care. Doc was warmed up a bit for the sake of an episode where Chester, Matt's friend and assistant, is badly hurt. He the only local doctor but a more sympathetic figure than he usually cut was needed to reassure Matt and tend a living patient who was significant to the audience. Doc's character was expanded from there; he became a steady, albeit snarky, friend and his earlier enthusiasm was shifted to dark humor in the face of tragedy.

Big Kate was (implied to be) a madam, an older woman who was friends with and passed information along from the dance hall to Matt. She's a fun character, loud and boisterous and teasing, sometimes ribbing Matt about giving up the star and settling down with a nice girl. She and Kitty share more in common than Shiloh and Doc but are still distinct. Kitty, who works in the dance hall rather than running it, is in Matt's age range and is presented as a sort of will-they-or-won't-they love interest as opposed to the strictly platonic figure of Kate. Though she and Matt often tease each other, she's a quieter and warmer support for Matt than Kate was. Matt engages her more actively than he did Kate for information, assistance and counsel, though that could be due to Kitty's more prominent run and thus the deeper bond she and Matt display.

These four characters, even the very similar Kate and Kitty, could easily stand together to fill out the cast without stepping on each other's toes. But Gunsmoke wasn't a show interested in a large central cast. It's no surprise they decided to streamline. It's still pretty neat to follow along and consider that when it came time to streamline, these two sets of characters' narrative functions overlapped just enough that one of each set became expendable.

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May 1st, 2019

11:07 pm
Well, dang.

ETA: So, I mentioned in the comments that by the time I got to the tab to post, I couldn't remember why I'd opened it, due to dealing with so many feelings about so many things. In hindsight, although that remains true, I'm preeetty sure I actually meant to post my bingo placeholder. Since, y'know. I did not post a bingo placeholder. That wasn't the intention behind what this post became BUT since this is the only post I made on the first, it'll just have to be multi-functional. Anyhow, here's May's card XD

[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, unmarked]

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