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January 17th, 2017

01:28 pm
Man, I was just sitting here and minding my own business when I found myself overwhelmed by the difference in how I ship InoSaku vs how I ship Hermione/Luna. Which doesn't seem, on the surface, like something to be much overwhelmed by. These are very different ships between very different characters who inhabit very different settings, after all. But then it strikes me that they're my top two adversarial f/f ships and the fact that I want and get such very different things out of them quite suddenly fascinates me.

This got longer than it should by rights beCollapse )

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January 16th, 2017

09:14 pm
I saw the headline "Cubs Visit White House" and I swear I felt my heart shatter. My baseball team welcoming Trump into office? After the joy they'd brought me by breaking their curse last year? I had a tab opened to change my default icon (which I've been meaning to do anyway, tbh) before I'd even pulled the article up.

Only then once the article was pulled up, I saw that they'd actually paid a last-minute visit to the Obamas. Cue the reconstruction of my shattered heart. Baseball teams don't usually visit the White House at this time of year, but I guess President Obama moved up their slot so that they would visit before he left. I was a little surprised since he's South Side (*spits*), but it turns out that Michelle backs the correct Chicago baseball team, which I suppose explains it, haha! Anyway, I guess I'll be holding onto this default for just a little while longer, as an expression of my relief.

Current theory on the Cubs' historic World Series win: The universe tied itself in knots to give them the chance to visit Michelle in the White House. No wonder the game went on for so long.

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January 1st, 2017

10:50 pm
(Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, unmarked)

I really wanted to have my post for last month finished before posting the new card, but I'm still having issues. Not even computer issues, per se, program and "what is the deal with this stupid website right now" issues, heh. If anyone is burning up with curiosity, I got the bottom row and a few stray squares.

Tbh, I debated not doing the cards again this year, since I kinda fizzled out in the last few months. But, ultimately, I do enjoy them and I've gotten a lot done that I think I'd otherwise still be procrastinating on, so, here we are again! Here's hoping that new year magic will give me a boost and that it'll take me all the way into the next one :D

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December 31st, 2016

11:57 pm
Oh, before I forget, I was gonna post my bongo card buuut guess who's having computer trouble :D

I'll update this post tomorrow.

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11:28 pm
Wow, okay, uh. I was gone for kind of a while there, huh? Oops... Real life has been an assorted bag of stress lately, is my excuse. I think I might make "post more often" one of my resolutions; now that I'm sitting and doing it, I realize how much I've missed it.

So, in that vein, who's looking forward to the new year? Who's dreading it? Who's partying and who's having a quiet night in? Anybody have any fun traditions? How about resolutions?

Me, I'm hanging out in the living room with my mom and the cats, chowing down on snacks and watching the clock. I've got on red underwear for luck in the coming year and, boy, am I expecting to need it. For all that this year has been crap, I'm thirty-two flavors of nervous for the next one. We still need to find a dark-haired man to walk through our door tomorrow, too, also for luck in the coming year. Gotta be honest, I'd forgotten about resolutions until this post, haha. I'll figure something out before midnight, I'm sure.

Talk to me, guys, I've missed you ;;

(Also, I'm gonna check all those messages in my inbox soon. I'm so sorry orz)

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December 1st, 2016

11:18 pm

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November 30th, 2016

08:58 pm

Wanted to get this up tonight, but I am feeling nasty sick, so no run-downs on the squares. Will edit tomorrow, possibly.

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November 20th, 2016

10:03 am - Happy birthday to me!
You guys. I'm twenty-eight today, you guys. How did this happen??

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November 14th, 2016

12:52 pm

(Oop, deleted this post when I went to edit my cut. Lucky thing I still had the page open-- thank goodness for compulsive tab-opening, I guess!)

I started a new personal project over the last week or so and I've come upon a conundrum on top of a few other issues already holding me back. Basically, what I'm doing is, "If I were to reboot this property from my childhood, how would I do it?" with a dash of, "How would I pitch this?" thrown in for flavor.

So far, it's been fun! I can't be quite as in-depth as I'd like because I haven't seen the show I'm "rebooting" in full in so long-- which wouldn't be a big deal except a) Hal's bluescreen issues keep me from sitting down to do a rewatch and b) Hal's bluescreen issues plus my phone's weird memory management problems make researching the wiki tedious-- but I've still enjoyed myself. Coming up with character profiles that stay true to the characters (at least as I understand them at present) while dropping elements I don't like and/or expanding on minor points that I do like has been probably my favorite part, nearly matched by working out the different interpersonal arrangements. Granted, I say that without having gotten very far into the actual story elements yet, never mind into the story details.

And that's where I've stumbled over my biggest problem. No, not the fact that I'm reluctant to do even a first draft before I can do my rewatch (which won't be happening until the end of the month, when I... *closes eyes, grits teeth, sucks in a breath* get... a new... laptop...). Obviously that is a problem, but I'm intending to push ahead with the plotting anyway based on my own memory and what I can glean from the wiki. The biggest problem I'm facing is actually what comes after that-- namely, how I want to write it.

Like I said above, what I'm working on is a personalized reboot. What I didn't specify above is that I decided to undertake this with the base idea that I'd be rebooting a cartoon as a comic. The cartoon in question is part of a larger brand whose comic rights are currently owned (at least in part) by a major publisher currently focusing on a reboot of other branches of said brand. The "How would I pitch this?" part of the project was based largely on what I've seen in those comics and what I know of them as a publisher. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I suppose I was intending to approach any actual writing, if I got that far, as though I was putting together comic scripts.

Only, well. Again, I've had a lot of fun putting these ideas together. I anticipate having more fun once I've got more complete information to work from and I can go on to developing more polished drafts. In that vein, I'd kind of really like to eventually pour this into a fanfiction-- either one big mega-story or a series, I haven't gotten that far. A form of writing (ie prose) that I'm more familiar with and something I can share as a fully realized vision (whereas scripts would be only frameworks, of course). A rather lofty idea for someone who's never finished a multichapter story, I know, but a fun idea nonetheless.

Back over to the hand holding the script idea is where I begin to get quite silly. Because I can't help but imagine-- suppose I did approach this as though I was really putting together scripts for a comic series and suppose I actually did pitch it some day? An even loftier idea for someone who's never finished a multichapter story, I know, but. Still a very fun one, indeed. And it would remain only a lofty but fun idea, except I keep teasing out the nuggets of plausibility. I mean, sure, the company doesn't accept unsolicited submissions and I have no in with the industry nor even any professional writing credits, so they'd be unlikely to accept me even if I was in position to pitch to them currently. But who says I have to be ready currently, or even very soon? Everyone has to start somewhere, right? If this is something I really want and am willing to put effort into, I can polish my product as I work my way in and up and impose myself on their radar. And a transformative work like this does speak to my strengths and experience, which is all the more hope that I can one day present something they're interested in. Plus, hey-- this is a branch of the brand that's often (frankly unfairly) overlooked by the higher-ups. If there's any licensed work I would ever want to be part of that I'm most likely to get my own way about things, this is it.

This is where we go back to the other hand, the one pawing at the fanfiction idea. Because if I'm holding onto this idea for years-- and I will be, if I decide I'm going to try to pitch it professionally-- I'm going to be getting attached to it. And that means getting attached to elements that possibly, even probably, will not be allowed on the table even if I do get a green light. Which is something I'd hope I would be used to by that time, but which is very unappealing in the here and now, when I could write it as a fanfiction and tell it however I want. With whatever elements I want to keep or leave. You know what I mean?

To top all this off, whatever I pick is gonna have to be what I have to stick with, more or less, or I'll burn myself out. Once I start imagining things in words or images, that's about it. My brain is very difficult to flip from one to the other.

So, yeah, there's my personal problem for the day. How are you guys doing? Any big decisions you've been struggling with?

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10:43 am
Hal is going through a cycle of bluescreens and automatic repair attempts unusually long even by the current standard... I really hope he can hold out for Black Friday.

Update: The automatic repair has frozen.

Further Update: He's working pretty steadily now, no idea how long it'll last...

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