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November 20th, 2014

02:06 pm - Happy Birthday to me~
 So, this is it. The day has come. I am now, according to the official numbers, closer to thirty years old than twenty.

Odd how it feels so much the same and yet also so... weird.
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August 28th, 2014

08:18 pm - So, um, depressing post time
 My grandfather died to day, after spending over two weeks in the hospital. I started to type up a big explanation of what was going on in that time, but then nixed it since I don't think anyone wants to read about all that and it was only making me angry. The short form is that we (my mother, my siblings and myself) found out he'd been hospitalized less than twenty-four hours after we (my mother, my two youngest siblings and myself) left from a weekend visit. The whole situation has felt very surreal largely for that reason, also because of the ups and downs he went through; he was, in fact, expected to be dead by the end of the first week. I thought I would be able to better wrap my head around things once the time had come, but... well, surprise, not the case. I don't suppose it'll feel real until the funeral.

On the bright side, he was unconscious for most of the experience, most likely unaware of any pain. I'm grateful that my last memories of him will be of the pleasant visit we all had just before this went down. I only wish my other brother and his family could have made the trip, too.

If anyone can spare the time, I could really use some positive recs. Pics, fics, vids, whatever your go-to for cheering up is. My usuals aren't doing it for me just now.

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June 26th, 2014

07:43 am - Tumblr is a laziness-enabler
There are a number of reasons I'm fond of Tumblr, but it sucks as a platform for discussion. And, okay, I knew that going in, but I didn't anticipate just how frustrating, say, looking for people talking about new episodes of stuff would be. On forums, there are threads, often designated threads. On journal comms, there are discussion posts where everyone gathers. On Tumblr, there are posts upon posts hidden behind cuts that might contain thoughtful insight or might contain two-sentence, nondescript flailing. Not that I have anything against the latter on principle, mind you, but it's not what I'd consider worth opening a new tab for. Just. Bleh. Whatever.

I clearly need to ease myself back into the journaling platforms.

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May 31st, 2014

04:41 pm - Wow, it has been a long time...
I can honestly say I didn't expect to get as into Tumblr as I have. It's just so quick and simple, perfect for a lazybody like me. Still blows my mind and hurts my heart to realize how little attention I've spared for DW and LJ, though.

Anyway, my primary motivation in posting today is for yet another sad pet update. Our snake, Isis, died last week and today I said goodbye to two of my kitties-- Chuckles and Storm Cloud, specifically-- as I sent them on their way to a new home because our new place has a limit of two free-roaming pets. On the bright side, their new slave is a lady I work with and who I trust to look after them well.

For those keeping track, I'm down to just two cats. It is... indescribably empty-feeling without more animals around.

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March 22nd, 2014

01:25 pm - Gues who has internet service at home~
Ahh, it's good to have the internet back. In addition to catching up with various bits of anime news and hunting around for various comics, I've looked up several recipes and checked a bus schedule that I probably won't make use of anyway. Life is pretty decent today.

The past few weeks without internet haven't been too terrible either, lack of internet aside. I went to McKay's recently and picked up some new comics-- none of the comics that I actually went there hoping to find, mind you, but I was and remain happy with the purchase. In addition to comics, I also managed to snag the first season of Xena for less than four bucks. I've been making my youngest siblings watch it with me, as neither have seen it before and my brother hadn't. Even. Heard of it. I have failed him, I know.

Got my vacation hours at work scheduled, though I had to pretty much pick a random week since everyone else managed to schedule ahead of me. I ended up having a lot more time to work with than I thought, so that was cool. And, I mean, hey-- whole week of getting paid to not go to work? I'm not about to complain regardless.

Unpacking has been... slow. Very, very slow. I've just really not felt up to it, and I admit that a lot of my packing was haphazard at best to begin with. I've got my book case set up, at least, and I'm trying to decide which books I want to squeeze onto it and which books are gonna have to stay in boxes to await the purchase of another book case. Setup has been a bit of a headache, too. Why can't all books just be the same size, so that they look orderly and neat regardless of where they're placed on the shelves?

So, hey, tell me about what you're into.

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March 8th, 2014

12:17 pm - *clings to internet*
I hate moving even more than I realized I did. Did I mention that I was moving? Well, a move happened, is my point. Our landlady decided she finally wanted to take care of all the necessary repairs that have been building up over the years, which are so extensive that she couldn't have tenants in residence at the time. So, we now have a cramped and drab but decent apartment.

The major downfall? No internet. Turns out our old provider doesn't service the area with anything more than light service, which doesn't support online gaming and a few other things. The main provider is Comcast, but when my mom called them, they said that we still owe almost two hundred bucks from our last account in 2009. So that will need to be ironed out before we can get service with them. I'm at the library now with Hal, which wouldn't be so bad except that, as I believe I've mentioned at some point or another, Hal's screen needs to be propped up due to damages that I can't afford to have fixed and my battery is pretty much done for, necessitating an outside power source and thus limited my choice of seating. Oh, woe is me.

Anyhow, that's where I stand at present. How are you, flist?

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February 11th, 2014

06:33 pm - Me again :D
Y'know, I didn't think I'd get too into the whole Tumblr thing, but I'm actually really enjoying it. Mostly because I'm lazy, I admit. So easy to find so much content so quickly! I still don't totally dig it as far as a new way to do fandom, though. But, eh, can't have everything.

So, flist, what've you been up to? I won a free Mary Kay make-over and had the first appointment yesterday. Holy cow, that stuff is expensive! Done anything for Femslash February? So far, my full involvement has been re-posting some old drabbles I did for one of those theme communities that used to be so popular and also finishing off the set after however many years. Still need to do something for today if I wanna keep up my streak... Gotten into anything new? The first issue of Ms. Marvel arrived in the mail today and, omg, so happy to have it! I've read it three times. Kamala is adorable and the writing is so fun; looking forward to following her adventure! But enough about me, tell me about you!

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January 16th, 2014

03:50 pm - Okay, three things
Firstly, I've previously admitted to being assimilated into Tumblr after a long but ultimately futile resistance. It occurs to me now that I failed on that occasion to actually provide my information or ask after any in return. I am dustbunny105 on Tumblr as I am most elsewhere; I haven't posted terribly much yet, as it would be primarily for the benefit of an audience of one at present (and also, I confess, out of sheer laziness). In future, I intend to post a little bit of everything that catches my attention, as is my wont. If any of you on my flist care to provide your URL, I'd be happy to follow you.

Second, I have recently reconnected with my love for the original canon of Sherlock Holmes and fallen rather hard. Don't bother to help me up, I'm happy where I am. I would enjoy some company, however, if any of you can and would like to offer it.

Third and finally, I am determined to participate in Femslash February this year. I have some half-formed ideas for fics and icons and the like, but they are few and so far untended to. Thus, I am bumming a little something off of [personal profile] shadro. If you please, suggest a femslash ship, a character, a source work or whatever else strikes your fancy as a topic, and I shall find time on the desired day to post something about it.

February 01 -
February 02 -
February 03 -
February 04 -
February 05 -
February 06 -
February 07 -
February 08 -
February 09 -
February 10 -
February 11 -
February 12 -
February 13 -
February 14 -
February 15 -
February 16 -
February 17 -
February 18 -
February 19 -
February 20 -
February 21 -
February 22 -
February 23 -
February 24 -
February 25 -
February 26 -
February 27 -
February 28 -

I offer my most profound thanks in advance for any suggestions made.

All that business out of the way, how are you, flist?

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January 6th, 2014

09:18 pm - Ah, the pungent smell of failure
So, it recently occurred to me that I have a kink meme fill and a couple comment!fics that I've never spruced up and posted elsewhere. I'm talking stuff that's been taking up space on the internet for years already, like, I feel old unearthing the fill especially. Anyway, I was about to go ahead and finally do that, right? And it hit me that the whole reason I never got around to it to begin with is that I couldn't think of titles at the time. It hit me that I still cannot come up with titles now. Seriously.

How do you do titles, writers on my flist? Ever get stuck?

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January 1st, 2014

11:57 pm - I gave in
I got a Tumblr.

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