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May 12th, 2016

02:55 pm

I don't care what anyone has to say about how uninspired these designs are or whatever, the new starters are all adorable and the legendaries look awesome-- especially that bat. I was already leaning toward Moon, but this clinches it.

Not nearly so sure yet which starter I'll choose. I'm leaning heavily towards Litten because it's a kitten and has a really cute cry-- the fact that it looks like it might evolve into fire/dark has something to do with it too. That said, I do traditionally go for the water-types and all the hate I've already seen for Popplio makes a big part of me want to choose it out of spite. Plus, the new region is based on Hawaii and so a water type seems appropriate. Granted, if this region ends up being as heavy on water-types as one might expect from the setting, it would make good strategic sense to go for the grass-type starter. It doesn't hurt at all that Rowlet is an adorable little owl ball with a bowtie. Not only do I love owls-- with or without bowties, though the bowtie certainly gives it that extra something-- but it would also be thematically appropriate to Moon. And it is the only one with a dual typing, which makes it stand out.

Honestly, for all that I'm agonizing over this already, it may very well be the evolutionary lines that convince me. I was Team Froakie all the way back when XY was the new thing until we found out Chespin's final stage would be grass/dark. It didn't decide me immediately, but it was what the final answer came to rest upon.

And how about you guys? Excited? Underwhelmed? Do you know which game you'll be playing with which starter?

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May 5th, 2016

12:13 pm
With my phone's grudging cooperation, I finally bring you a picture of the pretzel rolls I made! Feast your eyes:


They were so smooth and round before I boiled I them and I hoped they would be again after baking, but the somewhat lumpy texture did nothing to detract from how tasty they were. It actually felt kinda neat, tbh.

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May 4th, 2016

06:34 pm - Using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these 11 questions. Tag 10 people
I was tagged in this meme over on Tumbr. I wouldn't normally cross-post like this, but the Tumblr html markup wouldn't let me make Prince's name purple and that irritated me enough that I had to do something about it. Though all the colors of purple I thought I wanted are apparently not purple at all and that also irritates me, there's nothing I can do about that.

The artist I’m selecting: Prince
What is your gender: Lady Cab Driver
Describe yourself: Baby I’m a Star
How do you feel: Delirious
If you could go anywhere, where would it be: Around The World In A Day
Favourite mode of transportation: Little Red Corvette
Your best friend: My Computer
Favourite time of the day: All the Midnights in the World
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Curious Child
What is life to you: The Everlasting Now
Relationship status: She Loves Me 4 Me
Your fear: The Future

Tagging anyone interested. Keeping the tagging rule attached in case anyone is really deadset on sticking to the tagging rule.

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May 2nd, 2016

12:20 am
Whoops, I forgot about my new bingo card. I know you're all on the edges of your seats, so here it is:


Here's hoping for a good month :D

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April 30th, 2016

11:42 pm

Yeah, not too terribly busy of a month for me (aside from actual work, which has taken to giving me full time hours on part time pay), but the bingo card actually helps. Some of these, I admit, I squeaked by on. But then I remember, y'know, I do this for fun. And whereas I might otherwise have glossed over how much I managed to accomplish, here I have it laid out in front of me that I did do stuff that I wanted to do, even if I didn't do all of it. So, thank you, bingo cards, for helping me feel like less of a failure. I'm sure it'll last at least as long as it takes me to fail to achieve a bingo... Now, as for these squares:

Improve SpanishCollapse )

Write EEnE FicCollapse )

Try a New RecipeCollapse )

Write GenCollapse )

Pixel CrochetCollapse )

Practice SewingCollapse )

Draw OttersCollapse )

Work on Big ThingCollapse )

Edit WIPsCollapse )

SculptCollapse )

Work on Vampire ThingCollapse )

So, yeah, that's it for this month! There is, as I said, a lot that I'd have liked to have done (I didn't even touch my barely started Magikarp bag *sobbing*) but I am, as I also said, pleased with what did get done. A lot more pleased than if I was keeping track any other way I'ev tried, honestly. As I have before, I shall again recommend the bingo cards for at least a trial run :D

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April 22nd, 2016

01:13 pm - 2k16 is poison
It's been quite a long time since I bothered to post about any celebrity death and I was much more invested in the last time, but losing Chyna and Prince at basically the same time is really messing with me. Not just in the sense that I had a dream that Prince was posthumously indited into the WWE Hall of Fame either (though on that note; wtf, brain??).

Preeetty sure I had more to say when I started this but it's not coming to me now. Really I just wanted to say something, I think. RIP, both of you legends.

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April 1st, 2016

11:59 pm - Whoops
Almost forgot entirely!


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March 31st, 2016

11:54 pm

So, wow, slow month. In my defense, I was working mostly full time hours at work the past few weeks (still for part time pay, natch) and that skewed my usualtime management. Out of everything, I'm most pissed off that I failed the Magikarp bag square again. I did finally start, I just didn't get very far orz

As for what I did get:

Crosspost Fics: An oldie but a goodie, eh? In this case, I achieved the square by crossposting all my Eddy Appreciation Week and Femslash February fics to FFN and AO3. This square will be returning next month with yet another meaning, namely crossposting these same fics to LJ and DW and nosing around for anything else I've missed. Once all is said and done, perhaps I'll have learned my lesson about crossposting as I go along.

Finish Blanket: This refers to a c2c blanket that I was working on as a gift for a friend. It came out pretty dang awesome, tbh. I have a couple pictures of it which I'll be posting when I get a chance to find upload them.

Write Fanfic: For this square, I really just wanted to motivate myself to write something this month after burning out a bit last month. I hit this square this some ficlet requests over on Tumblr.

Write Something Original: Also primarily a "don't stop now!" square. For this, I did some more work on my vampire thing. It ended up mostly being stuff that won't work in the long run, but which I found helpful for developing for developing the characters.

Read Comics: This is in the same vein as the Read a Book square. I have a crapton of comics that I keep meaning to read, but, well. I specifically went with "Comics" instead of "A Comisc" because there are a good deal more of them than of the books and they take a good deal less time to read. I read a couple trades and a handful of floppies to fulfill this square.

Improve Spanish: At last! I may not have improved by much, but I have improve, dadjimmit. This mark is mostly about my improved confidence in speaking, but I think that's fairly important and so I'm counting it. This square will still, of course, be making a return.

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March 1st, 2016

11:42 pm - Oops, almost forgot entirely

Behold, my card for March!

Going over the car square by square didn't do much for me last time, so I'll skip it this time. If anyone is curious about any of the squares, of course, I'm open to questions! Overview of this month's square: I've forgone writing squares almost entirely and the two that made it onto the board are vague, vague, vague. That's because I wore myself out writing last month (not just for the card, but for FemFeb in general) and would like to give myself a break on that, but I don't want to drop writing as a priority altogether. I've tried to include a range of things, kinda throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks, and I think I have more specific squares this time around than I had last time. I also tried to have more long-term plans in mind for some squares, not that it comes across that well with the way these are worded, lol. I also took a step away from hobby squares and included almost-chores; we'll se how that turns out.

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February 29th, 2016

11:58 pm
So, here's my February bingo card as of today:


Yep, after all the excitement of getting a line way early, I was only able to complete one more. And also get really, teeth-grindingly close to another one that I thought was a shoe-in. Gooo figure. I'm still pleased that I managed to get two lines down, don't get me wrong, but I can't help agonizing over not only that diagonal I just missed, but how near I came to blacking out the board. ETA: HOLD THE PHONE. Pft, listen to me go on about only getting one more square when I got two. hat does make me feel better even if I'm still pulling my hair out over that diagonal and how close I came to a blackout.

Ah, well. Here's some coverage of the squares I've nailed since last time:

Pixel CrochetCollapse )
Write VelocicaCollapse )

Make BrowniesCollapse )

Write JenSisCollapse )

Write SakuHinaCollapse )

Make Another ScarfCollapse )

That's it for the squares I hit this round! For funsies, here's some reflection on the squares I missed:

Try a New RecipeCollapse )

Practice SewingCollapse )

Read a BookCollapse )

Make a MagiKarp BagCollapse )

Write a ReviewCollapse )

Improve SpanishCollapse )

Submit to a MagazineCollapse )

That's it for this month's stuff! Tune in next month for yet more successes and failures alike!

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