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September 23rd, 2016

11:13 pm - Bingo Update
(Image: A personalized bingo card, some squares marked)

Whew, so, I've not posted in a while, huh? Missed my update last week and everything, oops. I've just felt lacking energy in that way that makes journal posting difficult lately. No one particular reason just a bunch of little things. However! I'm feeling more energized and looking forward to posting more regularly. Starting here, natch. So, let's get to it!

Write a New ShipCollapse )

Try a New RecipeCollapse )

Write DrabblesCollapse )

Three Squares in a WeekCollapse )

Practice CodingCollapse )

So, that's all for now. Not much to show for two weeks, perhaps, but there's been other stuff going on in between. I've been working on those time-sensitive squares, of course, and practicing my Spanish. I bought a new crochet hook and will hopefully have something to show for at least two related squares by the end of the month. I might end up letting slide a few I really wanted this month, judging by how I'm going at them so far, but I haven't given up yet. Fingers crossed!

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September 9th, 2016

09:35 pm - Bingo Update

[Image: A personalized to-do list bigo card with two marked square; one of them is the free space]

Finish Requests: Just a couple of EEnE ficlet requests, one from Tumblr and the other from FFN. Technically I have another request waiting on me from Tumblr, but it's covered by the "Write Rung/Skids" square. This square I specifically put down because I was letting these two requests gather dust.

So, yeah, I haven't gotten as much of the card done this week as I'd have liked, but at least it's largely because I've been taking care of other stuff. Or have been tired from taking care of other stuff. I made an acceptable amount of progress on my room and even got a mattress and boxspring dragged in that I wasn't going to bother with for lack of space. The floor wasn't as cozy as I remember, though, so I grit my teeth and am bearing it. It's pretty comfy, I admit. In addition to cleaning up and reorganizing and getting rid of stuff, I put together a bunch of stuff to do a joint yard sale with my sister-in-law, which we held today. I also found some items I've been meaning to hawk off online; gonna be getting to that soon-ish.

Also, I found a roach in my room *shudder* Only one (so far...) but it's enough to make me miss being covered in ants.

Oh, quick little fun fact to finish off: Due to the half-completed state of organization I knew I was going to be leaving my room in, I knew that my craft box was gonna end up with stuff piled on top of it Thus, I made sure to leave aside all the yarn I would need for making my Magikarp bag. Y'know what I didn't leave aside? A single freaking crochet hook. Go on, laugh. It's what I've been trying to do anyway.

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September 3rd, 2016

07:23 pm - A few highlights from today's Adventures in Room-Cleaning
- A forgotten stack of comics was under a thought-empty box of Turtles that was not empty. The Turtles were fine. The comics were covered in ants.

- My missing Shake Weight was found under a stack of cookie packages. The cookies were fine. The Shake Weight was covered in ants.

- I pulled a book out from half under the mat where my cat's dishes sit. The dishes were fine. The book was covered in ants.

- Rather snappier than necessary, I directed my mom to use my new doorbell instead of just poking in through the half-open door. Rather harder than necessary, she laughed.

- Happily, my TCC Lio Convoy was found exactly where I thought I'd left it. Only it wasn't my TCC Lio Convoy, it was my TCC Jumpstream. I've yet to locate Lio Convoy.

- Without getting too much into it, I'm back to sleeping on the floor on a pile of pillows and blankets. This is preferable to the alternative.
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September 2nd, 2016

11:12 pm - Bingo Update
Or, well, kinda. Since this month ends on a Friday, Fridays will be bingo update days. Since I only got my card put together late yesterday and slept in then worked a full day today, I don't actually have any progress to report. But I did want to keep the habit of making these update posts, so. Here we are.

How are you doing, flist? Any plans for the weekend?

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September 1st, 2016

10:12 pm - Nearly forgot

[Image: A personalized to-do list bingo card, unmarked]

Here's my card for September! I was going to talk a bit about the new and improved squares but I have a splitting headache, so.

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11:35 am
Okay, I need to take just a second here to mention one of my favorite minor comics moments, because it just popped into my head and it's making me smile a lot.

It comes from the DC limited series Day of Vengeance, featuring the founding of one of my favorite D-list teams, the Shadowpact. The moment itself is buried within an epic battle on two fronts-- against the usually Lawful Neutral/Good Spectre and the evil Eclipso, who's seduced him to the dark side while he's vulnerable without a host. The 'Pact has no hopes of defeating the Spectre himself, so their plan is to set their sights on Eclipso, hoping to break him of her influence by killing her. They arrive to find the Spectre already battling Captain Marvel, giving them a chance to put their plan into action without the Spectre's interference. To give Captain Marvel-- and thus the team-- more time, Enchantress casts a spell to siphon magical energy from first herself and then from volunteers throughout the rest of the world through her own body and into Captain Marvel.

As I've talked about a bit with [personal profile] kalliel, I love mundanity in my magic, high concepts with their feet planted on the ground. And it's that which makes this battle scene for me. As Enchantress pulls the magical energies offered to her, Blue Devil gives us an idea in the narration of who's contributing. Plenty of heroes, as to be expected, and villains who stand to lose something with the victory of an Eclipso-controlled Spectre. But it's not just members of the super community who take part. We get throwaway mentions of seemingly ordinary citizens, people who largely didn't know they had magic to contribute to the cause until they answered Enchantresses call. "The woman who's never caught a red light in her life pitches in. The man who's never burned his eggs or spilled his coffee pitches in." I, sadly, don't have the book on-hand to double-check who I'm forgetting, or the exact wording on what I do remember, but those two have always stuck out to me.

Small thing? Yes, very small. But it's often, I find, the small things that make the experience.

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August 31st, 2016

09:30 pm - Bingo!
Double bingo, in fact!


[Image: A personalized "to-do list" bingo card with almost half of the squares marked. The top horizontal and center vertical lines are both complete.]

Just about let Use Brownie Mix slide again, until it hit me that I could get the double, haha. So, quick rundowns of the latest marks:

Draw OttersCollapse )

Use Brownie MixCollapse )

Write 1k Per WeekCollapse )

I was thinking of saying a bit about the squares I'm most disappointed to have missed, but I think I'll save it for another post. This post is about victory, whoopwhoop! One thing I will add is that I definitely liked doing weekly update posts this month and so I'll be doing that again next time. New card will be up tomorrow, naturally; I'm sure you're all on the very edges of your seats.

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August 28th, 2016

01:31 pm
So, I've got my vacation from work coming up soon, starting this Saturday and stretching through to next Saturday. Eight days off in a row and I'm definitely looking forward to it. But. This week, I have three days off in a row-- specifically, I have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Then I work on Friday, then vacation. Irksome, but this schedule has been decided for long enough that I'm resigned to it. But. Yesterday, the schedule for week after next came out, and what do I see? That I'm scheduled to go in for a shift the day after my vacation ends... and then I've got two days off in a row. Like, listen, eight days off in a row is good. It's great. I'm pleased. But the other days off are so close, could they really not have been scooched over just a tad?

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August 24th, 2016

09:45 pm - Bingo Update

Not a whole lot to show for this week, but I did get some stuff done!

Finish a WIPCollapse )

Write a ReviewCollapse )

Work on Vampire ThingCollapse )

As you can probably guess, I've got my eye on that Draw Otters square to finish off the center vertical line; I'm behind on that anyway. I'm thinking of doctoring that square for next month, something to keep me on my toes. In the meantime, I've still got my eye on some other squares, of course. I'm thinking of actually laying off the Magikarp bag, which I've not got much of a start on despite my intentions, as I've got a little over a week near the start of next month off work and I think that would be a good time to work on it and figure out what's been holding me back.

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09:34 pm
Man, I gotta just say, going between "generations" as defined by MLP fandom and Transformers fandom is a headache and a half. These properties are owned by the same parent company, I mean, come on. Yes, yes, I know, there isn't that big of an overlap between the fandoms in spite of that, but seriously. Seriously.

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